Oct. 16, 2019 / Press Release

Coming to Pennsylvania road construction projects this fall – automated radar speed cameras.

Last October, Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law allowing cameras to record the license plates of vehicles traveling more than eleven miles above the posted speed limit in a highway construction zone where workers are present.

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike are finalizing a pilot program for the speed monitoring cameras.

This fall there will be two pilot zones on the turnpike, and two with PennDOT, with full deployment in spring 2020.

Choosing the work zones for the new camera systems will be based on factors including vehicle volume data and crash data. The cameras will track both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Under the program, the first offense is a mailed written warning, a second offense is a $75 fine, while the third or subsequent offenses are $150 each. A system administrator will begin the citation process, but offenses will be reviewed by state police.

The turnpike just so happens to have two of its largest construction projects in the greater Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. The projects are the widening and reconstruction of seven miles of the Northeastern Extension between the Lansdale exit and Quakertown exit interchanges, and the Southern Beltway project in Allegheny county.

Eventually, PennDOT will have ten speed cameras and the turnpike will have seven total.