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Grants Awarded to Local First Responders
By Rep. Steve Mentzer (R-Lititz)
Nearly all of us have benefited in some way from the courageous service of first responders or we know someone who has.

First responders – our police, fire, emergency medical service and public health personnel – work selflessly on behalf of the people of this Commonwealth, regardless of the risk or hazard.

Some of them are paid, but in Pennsylvania most are not. The vast majority of Pennsylvanians depend on volunteers for fire protection and EMS services – 97 percent of all fire services in Pennsylvania are staffed by volunteers.

Whether they are paid or not, these men and women choose to do very difficult jobs – jobs most of us shy away from. Each time our police and firefighters respond to a 911 call, they are walking into an unknown and potentially dangerous situation..

Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “The only title in our democracy superior to that of President is the title of citizen.”

These men and women are what I call our ultimate citizens.

I am pleased to announce that more than $81,000 in state gaming proceeds will benefit fire and ambulance companies in the 97th District through this year’s grant..

These grants, which are not funded by General Fund tax dollars, allow local first response agencies to better afford training, equipment, facility improvements and other needs.

The following fire and EMS companies in the 97th District that received funding are:
• Brunnerville Fire Company - $14,491.
• Eden Fire Co. No. 1 - $14,988.
• Lititz Fire Co. No. 1 - $15,000.
• Manheim Township Ambulance Association - $7,037.
• Manheim Township Fire & Rescue - $14,988.
• Neffsville Community Fire Company - $15,000.

Thank you for your dedicated service to keeping our communities safe.
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