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A Call for Unity
Rep. Steve Mentzer (R-Lititz)
First, I want to thank the residents of the 97th Legislative District for returning me to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to represent their interests in the General Assembly. We have a vibrant and diverse community and I am proud to serve all of you.
Now I know this election stressed some people out more than past elections. Presidential election years have a habit of doing that.

People have remarked to me that this was the most divisive election they can ever remember. While there was a lot said on both sides and in the media that focused on personality rather than substantive issues, I believe much of this post-election hype is being blown out of proportion.

American is a constitutional republic, not a direct democracy. Politicians who represent us in the Congress and in state legislatures are elected by popular majority. However, the president is not elected in that manner.

The president is elected by electoral votes won in the Electoral College. Each state has a certain number of electoral votes depending on the population of each state. This ensures the residents of each state have a voice in electing a president.

Without the Electoral College, it is conceivable that a handful of highly populated states could determine the president all on their own – a tyranny of the minority. Preventing this is part of the genius of our Founding Fathers, whose amazing experiment in self-governance has survived over 200 years.

Despite many concerns over the policies of the past eight years, and the concerns of the policies of the eight years before that, America is still here. The sun rose the next morning, and life will go on.

It is true that time heals many wounds. It is time to let go and come together for the good of our state, and our nation.
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