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School is Open, Please Share the Road
By Rep. Steven Mentzer (R-Lititz)

Not a month goes by where we don’t read or hear in the news about a non-motorist being killed or severely injured on our local roads.

According to statistics compiled by PennDOT, more than 14,000 accidents occur each year in Pennsylvania due to motorists not paying attention to the road around them.

And, unfortunately, the numbers of accidents attributed to distracted driving or not paying attention to the road have remained steady for the past five years.

In 2011, there were 76 such accidents involving a motor vehicle and a bicycle, 289 involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, eight with a horse and buggy, and 137 involving a motorcycle. The total distracted driving accidents in 2011 were 14,298, in 2012 there were 14,701, in 2013 there were 14,399, in 2014 there were 14,011 and last year there were 14,816 with 72 bicyclists and 235 pedestrians in that number being struck by distracted drivers.

These types of accidents have two things in common – they were avoidable and continue to occur far too often. A moment of inattention can destroy the life of someone else and cause their loved ones immeasurable anguish.

As the accident statistics indicate, this issue is not just about motorcycles, but also being aware of joggers, horse and buggies, and bicyclists. Too many people are injured or killed on our roads due to lack of awareness. Folks need to be aware of the road in front of and behind them.

The state has created a resource for safe driving at, with a special section for bicyclists and pedestrians.

A new interactive mapping tool is now available for Pennsylvania bicycle enthusiasts.

The Bike Route Map uses layers to provide the user with detailed bike routes, traffic volumes and speed limits. It also includes state trails, parks and forests. This is a great way to explore some new territory in the Commonwealth.

In addition, legislation I voted for that recently became law creates a new “Share the Road” special registration plate designed to help fund pedestrian and bicycle safety is now in stock and being shipped to interested vehicle owners.

The new plates were authorized by Act 36, legislation that is referred to as the David (Dave) Bachman Act, which was enacted in June in memory of a PennDOT employee who served as the Department’s first Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator. All proceeds from the sale of the new plate fund PennDOT’s bicycle and pedestrian safety efforts, as well as highway infrastructure signage for bicyclists with the purpose of wayfinding and/or safety.

The “Share the Road” plate uses the same colors as standard plates -- blue, white and yellow, with addition of an image of the shared lane marking including two chevrons, a bicycle and pedestrians silhouettes. The bottom of the plate reads “Share the Road.”
Applicants may order a plate by completing Form MV-917, “Application for Share the Road Registration Plate.” The cost of the plate is $40. This plate may also be personalized for a fee of $100 in addition to the $40 plate cost.

Customers may also place an order for this plate or learn more about a wide variety of license plates, including other special fund registration plates, by visiting our website at and looking under the Vehicle Services tab, then clicking on Registration Plates under the drop-down menu.

The plates normally take two to four weeks for delivery. For personalized plates, allow eight to 10 weeks for delivery.

Let’s be aware and courteous out there on the road.
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